St Kilda have committed over $1 million to developing wetlands and landscaping the public spaces that make St Kilda truly unique. On completion St Kilda will be home to around 100,000 trees and plants, and over 16km of walking and cycle tracks. 19 hectares will be developed into recreational spaces for the community to enjoy. Our great range of house and land packages are the perfect compliment to a stunning environment.


Beautifully landscaped and planted with native trees and plants. They function as a wet pond storage for storm water retention to improve the quality of water before it passes into a natural water source. Additionally they are expected to attract many native birds.


St Kilda has chosen the Kowhai tree, native to NZ, as the streetscape tree. There will be many of them planted on the designated median strips and grass berms.

Urban Design Principles

St Kilda prides itself on it's open space, this has many safety and lifestyle benefits:

* Large road reserves will clearly define and separate the pedestrian and vehicle movements.
* With generous grass berms the St Kilda community can feel safe when using the shared foot/cycle environment - a unique factor.
* Extra generous setbacks from road edge to property boundaries eliminates that claustrophobic feeling found in the more traditional subdivisions.
* Providing connectivity with 8m wide access corridors to our numerous open space reserves will make it accessible for everybody to enjoy our many amenity features regardless of where you live within the subdivison.
* The space allowed in these corridors will provide a more safe passage for our active community as it allows for more natural surveillance - one of our key urban design goals.
* All house and land packages are thoughtfully designed with these important environmental considerations in mind.

The Natural Surveillance philosophy means that people are more subconsciously aware of what is happening in the community therefore making St Kilda a safer place to live!