Sustainable Power, Sustainable Life

St Kilda is the first development in NZ wholly committed to energy efficient design. One of the many sustainable design features is the compulsory installation of a minimum 3kW solar electricity system on all houses, in partnership with award-winning solar electricity provider PowerSmart.


Prices are discounted exclusively for St Kilda customers only.
Standard system sizes: 3kW, 5kW. (Larger options available).
3kW system: Est. Power Savings 55% - 70%**
5kW system: Est. Power Savings 85% - 100%**



Your solar power system powers all appliances in your home. Your excess solar electricity gets sold back to your energy provider which gives you a credit on your bill. Buy back rates are available from selected electricity retailers*. Please contact us for more information. Click here for information on how grid connected solar power systems work.


Not only will your solar electricity system pay for itself, it will add capital value to your property, as well as providing estimated returns of 9% per annum.
Click here for more information on the financial benefits of solar electricity systems.
*Subject to electricity retailers terms.
**Proposed savings are based on a home that uses 6000kWh/annum and 50% of the solar generation is used internally, 50% exported.

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