Large Cambridge sections averaging 1600m2

Remember when a quarter acre section was the norm. When kids raced trolley-carts in the street and people still chatted over the fence to the next-door neighbour. At St Kilda, the Kiwi dream is back.

At St Kilda, an average section is 1600m2 - that's bigger than the quarter acre of old, and it's twice the size of today's average suburban sections for sale in Hamilton and Cambridge. With 1600m2 you have more than enough room to live your very own Kiwi dream. Start by building your dream home, to your own design, with tons of space for family and friends. Then move on to your other dreams - outdoor living, a pool, fabulous garden, multiple vehicle garaging, or the man-cave you've always wanted. Your options, like your space, are endless.

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Space for your family to live and play!

With 19 hectares of recreational space, including two wetland areas and a cafe, families get to know each other in a safe and relaxed environment. 16km of walking and cycle tracks promote connectivity, while wide grass berms allow children to ride their bikes or scooters safely. And with plenty of space between you and your neighbour, you'll enjoy a feeling of privacy without having to hide behind high walls.

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